Short Thoughts: How to overcome Fear

After yesterday’s first ‘short thoughts’ post I was a little taken back by some of the comments and text messages of support I received, so thank you to all who took the time to read it and get in touch.

But let’s be honest – holding fears around publishing some writing doesn’t really rank up there on the scales of ‘fears you should get over’, so I’m not writing this one based around overcoming a fear of blog-publishing.

The fears I want to discuss are those that paralyse us from action and keep us locked into situations or experiences that detract from our happiness: Think staying in a shit job or spending time with draining friends as examples.

From what I have found, the easiest and quickest ways to overcome fears is to first:

  1. Rationalise them (as much as you can) and then
  2. Face them

Try and delve deep into what the underlying message behind the fear is, before taking the step to face it head on. Is leaving the shit job what you fear, or is it a fear based around not being able to earn money? Do you fear what your friends will say if you stop associating with them, or do you fear not being able to find more friends?

Whatever it is, be honest with yourself to work out the message behind the fear and then rationalise that message to yourself. Are there ways you can earn money outside of your job? Are there other circles you can begin to move in, or interest groups you can join with people with similar interests? Of course you can. A lot of the time, our fears are based around our perceptions of what we think may happen and not what actually happens.

The second step then is to face that fear (starting small).

You fear not being able to earn money outside of your shit job? Take a second job or start a little side business and watch other money start to roll in. You fear being friendless and alone? Join some local interest groups or begin to associate with new, positive people and see the fear of loneliness slip away.

More often than not our fears are based around what we see, hear and filter from our environment and not what happens in reality. We underestimate the human spirit and the power we have to seek what we wish to attain. Those who seek more generally attain more, and this is true for everything from energy and friendships to money and power.

Try it for yourself – what are you fearing at the moment, and what is the deeper message you are telling yourself?

Rationalise it and then face it.






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