Short Thoughts: Tips for Success

Yesterday I posted this little update on my Facebook page:

“Here are a couple of cheeky tips for those of you out there wanting to feel (and be) more successful in your endeavours…

1. Learn to say no to people
2. Learn to ignore time wasters (and not feel bad about it)
3. Learn to not give a f**k

The short version is thus: learning to say no to people allows you to say yes to the things YOU want to do. Learning to ignore time wasters (people/situations) allows you to increase the productivity value of your time, meaning you don’t even stop to invest energy in saying no – you just keep doing your thang, without distraction. Learning to not give a f**k is a challenging one because everybody likes to think all their stuff is all important all the time. It’s not. Learning to not give a f**k in this instance applies to not allowing the POTENTIAL outcome of a situation or action affect your decision to TAKE ACTION. In simpler words: don’t be stifled by paralysis. Take action and try not to give a f**k where it may end up because at the end of the day you’ve either won or learnt a lesson.

Boom. Now get out there and succeed you legends.”

I received a fair bit of positive feedback for this post both online and off. The thing is, it seemed people needed to hear it. The timing was right, the message was on point and I like to think it tells it like it is.

Thinking through this a little further today, there are a couple of more tips for success I would like to add to the above. It’s all well and good to get you all hype and rah-rah over the above tips, but what does implementation actually look like in play?

Success Tips 2.1

  • Learn to grind
  • Play the long game
  • Don’t dismiss people

The short version here is thus: You have to learn to grind. You have to learn that to be successful you don’t have a watch now. You don’t have ‘spare time’, or ‘work time’ – you just have ‘time’. What you do with that time is now what matters most. Grind, focus on the things that will help you get where you want to go and pursue them relentlessly. The next two tips (playing the long game and not dismissing people) are two tips I have taken directly from Tim Ferriss (author of The Four Hour Work Week) but are tips which I have unknowingly been using my entire business life. You have to settle into your groove and recognise that success will not come quickly. To be successful – in anything – takes time. It takes continual failures and continual improvement. It takes effort, and energy, and money, and emotion – and if you have not got the long vision and focus for what it is you actually want to achieve, success (if any) can only ever be fleeting.

Finally, do not dismiss people. Every single person you meet has friends, family members and acquaintances that have the capacity to help you achieve your goals. I strongly believe in the power of the human being, and part of that power comes from the sense of wanting to help others succeed. I have invested many hours and much time in building genuine, strong relationships with many, many people over the years, and it is only through a combination of my own grind and their willingness to help me achieve my goals do I find myself in the position I am in today. The absolute key with this though is that you must be genuine in your approach – there is no good in building relationships purely for the use of exploiting them for your own success in the future. Sacrifice never wins, whereas collaboration will always win.

I am sure there is much more I can write on this topic but for now I wish to keep it short and sweet, and I hope this post has provided just that little bit extra for you to begin going out and really working towards what it is you want to achieve in the world.

Until next time,



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