Why I don’t care for past achievements.

One of my clients recently asked me if I ever stop to think about what I have achieved.

I looked her dead in the eye and replied “no, I do not”.

Why? Because what I have achieved is irrelevant – what comes next is what matters most.

At one point in time the things I have achieved were things I wanted to achieve. In order to take from ‘wants’ to ‘haves’ I had to grow into the person that could make that happen. I had to expand my scope of learning, build new relationships and overcome fears. In the process of this growth, what was once relevant became no longer so.

I had to leave behind that which no longer served me.

To direct energy into what I have achieved only challenges my memory. In order to keep growing and achieving, my energy has to be directed into possibilities, challenging a creative space where I am free to explore the depths and widths of what is and more importantly – what may be.

And what may be excites me far too much to look back upon was has been.

Keep moving forwards peeps.



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